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Disciplinary Info
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Educator Conduct Search - Disciplinary Actions

Ohio’s educators are nationally recognized, highly qualified and well prepared. The search form below allows citizens to access a database of a small subset of educators subjected to disciplinary actions since the Office of Professional Conduct was created in 1999.

To use the search form, simply enter the appropriate information into one or more search fields and click the “Search” button. You must enter at least one character into one search field in order to return a result.

Below are some helpful definitions:

Basis for Discipline: The reason for the educator discipline.

School District: The school district where the educator was employed when the basis for discipline was reported. In some cases, an educator can be associated with a school district but not currently employed there. For example, this can occur if the district sponsored the educator for licensure but did not hire the individual, or if the educator has left employment with that district.

First Name: The first name of the educator.

Last Name: The last name of the educator.

Educator State ID: This is the unique identifier of an educator. Educator State ID is formatted as 2 characters followed by 7 digits (e.g. OH1234567).

Educator Zip Code: This is the 5-digit home zip code of the educator when the disciplinary action was taken.

Information in this database is generated through data provided to the Ohio Department of Education. It is continually monitored and updated to provide the highest quality data possible.

Click here for more information regarding the educator conduct disciplinary process.

Educator Conduct Search Fields
Educator State ID:
First Name:
Last Name:
School District:
Educator Zip Code:
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